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Alfies First Fight









Featuring boxing action, surprising plot twists, compelling characters and an inspiring boy-hero, this story certainly packs a punch!

Inspired by Oliver’s own experiences growing up without a mum and being coached as an amateur boxer by his dad, Alfie’s First Fight centres itself around shy twelve-year-old Alfie, as he decides to go in search of his missing older brother, Jacob, moments before an all-important boxing match…

Alfie and his dad have a big problem.

Alfie’s big brother, Jacob has disappeared moments before an all-important boxing match.

While searching for him, Alfie encounters two shifty-looking men who sound like they’ll do anything to get their dirty hands on the prize-money.

Soon, Alfie finds himself trapped in the heart of a scandal.

Can Alfie safely return Jacob to the ring in time…?
Or will he have to take his big brother’s place…?

It’s Crime-Thriller meets Rocky!

Perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, Anthony McGowan and Phil Earle!

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"Compelling! It's so rare to come across a working-class narrative that portrays a single father raising his children. Alfie's First Fight is not just about the struggles of a young man approaching his first fight in the ring, but the wider battle for the working class of being validated, accepted and taking their place in society."

Alex Wheatle, Writer

"A thrilling children’s adventure full of heart and ebullience. Alfie’s First Fight isn’t just an amazing story about boxing; it’s about love, loss, family and how to fight for what you want! A must-read for any youngster."

Sophie Willan, Comedian, Care Leaver & Activist

"Written with warmth and passion, Alfie’s First Fight is a positive and gripping story for kids about a young man and his journey into the world of boxing. With highs and lows along the way, it captures the true drama of the boxing ring."

Ricky Hatton, Former-World Boxing Champion

"Alfie's First Fight not only captures what it is like to be a boxer and step into the ring with all the nerves and adrenaline that comes with it; but also acknowledges the real struggle of working-class families, of single parents, and the special love and bond which comes from those experiences."

Stacey Copeland, Commonwealth Super-Welterweight Champion

"I adore the fun, humour and heart of this tale of our times. An honest and important story of struggle, glory, a working class single father’s love, and a powerful bond between brothers. Hugely relatable for any child who’s had a dream they’d do anything to achieve."

Dominic Berry, Performance Poet and Author

"With a plucky underdog to root for, and a mystery to solve, this story will appeal to children of all backgrounds while giving them an insight into the lives of others."

The Family Stage

"A great read, showing how anything is possible with hard work, dedication and support; a true reflection of a boxer’s dream."

Nigel Travis, Head Coach, Moss Side Fire Station Boxing Club