Oliver Sykes - Children's author WIGAN POST: Alfie’s First Fight feature (19/02/2023)

Oliver in bathrobe with feet on table wearing socks with the text 'Do Not Disturb I'm Watching Boxing

WIGAN POST: Alfie’s First Fight feature (19/02/2023)

The ultimate triumph-against-the-odds story coming to Wigan

A heartwarming tale of success over adversity is on its way to Wigan.

Alfie’s First Fight is a one-man show by Oliver Sykes which will arrive at The Old Courts, Crawford Street on Saturday February 25.

A semi-autobiographical piece by the writer and performer, it follows the life of 12-year-old Alfie in a tale of love, loss, family and boxing.

A keen amateur boxer, 33-year-old Oliver took inspiration from his own childhood, growing up without a mother and being coached in the ring by his dad.

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